We often joke that our goal with a new exhibit is similar to when they move the bus on ABC’s Extreme Makeover. The client instantly starts crying; they don’t know how to hold back their emotions when they see what a great outcome we produced. We strive to create that same reaction in the way that we approach design and customer service—aside from the final product we deliver.

Our commitment is to develop a loyal relationship and make you so happy that you would never consider working with anyone else.
In fact, some of our best clients came to us after finding out what it’s like to work with our competition. (We just couldn’t resist putting that one in there!)

With a wide range of coordinated tension fabric structures, custom or off-the-shelf solutions and varying price points, we help you captivate your audience without breaking your budget. What’s more, you benefit from our visionary approach and astute knack for designing killer displays that help you edge out the competition.

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