When a capital expense isn’t worth the headache.

Rent booths and displays for trade shows.

Perhaps you need a completely unique look for each trade show. Or maybe you re-brand every year and want that look concurrent with your show displays. Or possibly your expo and convention participation is limited to one booth every few years. There are dozens of reasons booth rentals often make more financial sense than taking on the overhead.

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That’s why Featherlite offers rental options for your trade show booth. Whether you’re looking for popup banner stands, portable displays or custom trade show designs, our booth rentals provide you with flexible, creative options for showcasing your brand and messaging in vibrant trade show displays.

Take a look at the rental product offerings. If you need help deciding whether to buy or rent, look at these factors to consider:

  • Test-drive the property before you make a purchase commitment.
  • Make a bigger impact with a smaller budget.
  • Control your cost by eliminating storage and service fees.
  • Remain flexible to keep pace with changing marketing needs.
  • Avoid the red tape associated with capital expenditures.